Upgrade your Case Management and Vouchering System by taking it ONLINE!

Access anywhere, easy to use, advanced reporting and accountability.
Court Room Depiction

Access Anywhere, Anytime!

Full access for administrators, attorneys and judges available through any modern browser on any PC with internet access.

Access is fully secured through the latest SSL technology and sensitive information is encrypted.

Be Prepared for NYS ILS Reporting Requirements

Tecana Software comes equipped with data collection and reports ready for upcoming ILS requirements. Parts One, Two and Three are waiting and ready for you!
Part 1............2020

Part 2............2021

Part 3............2022

Easy to Use and Navigate

Menu and data grouped into logical steps for easy access. Data is very easy to read and see for users of all technical experience. Follow data flow through program and make sure no cases get left behind!

See the information you need quickly at a glance, then easily find or add additional information as you need it!

Online Portal for Attorneys & Judges

  • Attorneys enter hours & mileage online
  • Attorney submit voucher online
  • Track status of payment / approval
  • Vouchers sent to Judges online
  • Online voucher approval by judges
  • Communicate with attorneys and judges
  • Faster voucher approval and payment time
  • Reduce attorney and judge overhead