Frequently Asked Questions

What type of computer hardware or software do I need?

  • The software is provided as a cloud-based service for a flat monthly fee. This means that counties do not need to purchase hardware, software or provide network services.
  • The only requirement for using the system is an internet connection and a web browser.

Are all attorneys required to use the new system?

  • Counties are currently all requiring all of their Assigned Counsel attorneys to use the system and are no longer accepting vouchers in any other format.
  • This has not proven to be a problem as the system is easy to use and training is readily available.
  • Attorneys tend to like the system because it’s easy to use and they get paid more quickly.

Are all judges and courts required to use the new system?

  • The vast majority of judges are successfully using the system to review and approve vouchers.
  • A few judges still prefer paper vouchers and the system is flexible enough to be aware of this and to print / mail vouchers to these courts.

Can the system handle expenses as well as attorney hours?

  • Yes, expenses can be indicated on the voucher and included in the payment to the attorney.
  • The system does not yet have the ability to scan and attach receipts but this is coming soon.

My county has some unique rules for payment vouchers. Can these be supported in the system?

  • We understand that states and counties have different rules for processing vouchers and the system is flexible enough to tailor the rules for each county. So far, we have been able to support all rules required for counties currently using the system.
  • We are continuing to expand the types of rules supported in a manner that is as flexible as possible.

How do payment vouchers get approved once they are submitted?

  • Review and approval of vouchers is all done within the system.
  • Submitted vouchers are automatically routed within the system to the Assigned Counsel Program Office and to the presiding Judge. The vouchers are reviewed and approved online within the system and are routed back to the Assigned Counsel Office for payment.

Can the amount of the voucher be overridden?

  • Yes, both the Judge and the Assigned Counsel office have the ability to change the amount that is approved for payment. The amount can be either more or less than the amount requested by the attorney. The amounts of both the original request and approved amounts are visible to the attorney along with any reasons provided for changing the amount.

How do the attorneys get paid?

  • Our system will interface with whatever payment system you are currently using and will electronically submit vouchers once they are approved for payment.

How much does the system cost?

  • The software is provided as a hosted service for a fixed monthly fee. The monthly fee is determined based on case volume. We have flexible pricing to support both very small and very large case volumes.
  • The monthly fee includes system setup, initial training and documentation, software licensing and hosting, support, maintenance and software upgrades. There are no hidden fees.

What steps have been taken to protect the security of the system?

  • The servers are hosted in a highly secure data center.
  • Robust application security is in place to verify that attorneys can see only their own cases, judges can see only cases within their assigned court, and court clerks have read-only access to cases within their assigned court. Program Administrators have full access to all information for their county. Information for each county is segregated so that no one can see information outside of their county or state.
  • All system communication is encrypted.
  • Data for each county and state are segregated so that no one can access information outside of their county.

Does New York State has access to the system?

  • Currently the system is active in New York State but the state does not have direct system access. The system is capable of producing reports required by the state but the state cannot directly audit or access the system.

How long does it take to get the system up and running?

  • Typically, 2-3 months of preparation is required to get the system ready for use. This includes system install, load of attorney, judge and court data, review and customization of rules within the system, training of Program Administrators, testing and verification by Program Administrators, and finally training of attorneys and judges.