What does Tecana Include?

Attorney & Judge Online Portal

Attorneys and Judges can access the system via a secure website with their provided login credentials.

Attorneys can record hours spent on assigned cases and complete and submit vouchers all online. 

Judges are provided access to the voucher after the attorney submits and the Program administrators approve to approve the voucher themselves, online and paperless.

Online Reporting for Administrators

Administrators can access numerous reports anytime from a secure web URL. Reports can be modified by date range and other parameters depending on the report.

New reports can be created to view data in the system is whichever way is most beneficial. Included in offered reports is case metrics required by ILS for New York State.

Reports are easy to run and most run in < 1 min for fast access to wide ranges of data.

Web-Based Administrative System

Administrators run the program through a web browser allowing for access on almost any computer with an internet connection. No installs or special software required.

Administrators can assign cases, review vouchers, and approve payments all from 1 central location. A wide range of administrative functionality gives administrators control over how the Tecana system is used so it can fit your Program.